What to Wear to a Photoshoot (The Ultimate Guide)

When preparing for a photoshoot, your biggest decision is what to wear.

Your outfit can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your photos.

So, it’s important to choose something that looks great, feels comfortable, and reflects your personal style.

Whether you’re getting ready for professional headshots, engagement photos, or family portraits, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your outfit.

What To Wear To A Photoshoot Is A Common Dilemma For Many Individuals. Whether You Are A Model, Photographer, Or Simply Someone Who Wants To Look Their Best In Front Of The Camera.

First, think about the location and style of your photoshoot.

If you’re taking photos outdoors, for example, you may want to choose clothing that’s weather-appropriate and won’t clash with the natural surroundings.

If you’re going for a more formal or traditional look, you’ll want to choose classic and timeless clothes. And, if you’re going for a more casual or trendy vibe, you might choose something a bit more playful and experimental with your outfit choices.

Another important factor to consider is the color palette of your outfit.

Choosing colors that complement each other and the overall aesthetic of your photoshoot can make a big difference in how your photos turn out.

You’ll want to avoid any clothing with distracting patterns or logos. Because they could draw attention away from your face and personality.

So, in this article, we’ll dive deeper and take some time to carefully discuss your outfit choices. That way, you can ensure your photos turn out well and truly capture your unique style and personality.

Why Your Outfit Matters for a Photoshoot

A Woman In A Black Jumpsuit Standing In Front Of A Rack, Showcasing An Ideal Outfit For A Photoshoot.

Your outfit is an important aspect of your photoshoot because it can make or break the outcome of your photos.

A well-chosen outfit can enhance your features. Complement your personality. And make you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera during your photo shoots.

Here are a few other reasons why your outfit matters for a photoshoot:

It Sets The Tone for The Photo Session

Your outfit can set the tone for the photo session and convey a certain mood or style.

For example, if you’re going for a casual and relaxed look, you might wear blue jeans and a T-shirt. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more formal and elegant look, you might choose to wear a dress or a suit.

Your outfits can also reflect the theme or location of the photo shoot. For example, if you’re taking photos at the beach, you might wear something flowy and light when choosing outfits.

It Can Enhance Your Features

Choosing the right outfit can enhance your features and make you look your best.

For example, wearing a dress that flatters your figure can accentuate your curves and make you look more feminine.

Wearing colors that complement your skin tone can make your complexion look brighter and more radiant. And wearing accessories that highlight your best features.

It Can Make You Feel Confident and Comfortable

A Collage Of Women Wearing Different Colors Of Clothing For A Photoshoot.

Wearing clothes you love and feel comfortable in will boost your confidence and help you relax in front of the camera.

When you feel good, you look good (i.e. it shows in your photos)!

Choosing an outfit that fits well, is comfortable to move in, and makes you feel like yourself can make all the difference in how you feel during the photoshoot.

So, take the time to choose an outfit that reflects your personality, style, and the photoshoot’s theme.

What to Wear to a Photoshoot

Preparing for a photoshoot can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The right outfit can make you feel confident and comfortable, which makes for great photos. Here are some tips to help you with your clothing choices for your photoshoot.

Keep It Simple

A Woman Is Standing In Front Of A Rack Of Clothes, Contemplating What To Wear For Her Photoshoot.

When it comes to photoshoots, less is often more.

Avoid patterns or loud prints that can be distracting in photos. And instead, opt for simple, solid-colored clothing that will complement your skin tone and the location of the shoot. Neutral colors like black, white, gray, beige, and navy are a few colors that’re always a good choice.

Opt for Solid, Muted Colors

Three Pictures Of A Woman In Stylish Attire And A Chic Scarf, Perfect To Inspire Your Next Photoshoot Outfit.

Solid, muted colors are a great choice for photoshoots because they don’t overpower your face or the background.

If you want to add some color, I suggest wearing one or two complementary shades. You can incorporate them into your outfit through accessories or a statement piece.

Wear Clothes That Fit

The fit is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your outfit.

Clothing that’s too tight or loose can be unflattering in photos. So, make sure your clothes fit well and show off your best features.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to choose your outfit. Plan and give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect outfit options. Take the time to think about the location of the shoot, the time of day, and the overall vibe you want to give in your photos.

A Woman Is Sitting On A Bed Surrounded By Clothes, Contemplating What To Wear For Her Upcoming Photoshoot.

And when working with a professional photographer, you can always ask for their input for outfit ideas and what would work best.

Choose Timeless Pieces

Two Pictures Of A Woman And A Man Posing For A Photo To Help Inspire And Guide Your Choice Of Attire For An Upcoming Photoshoot.

You want your photos to be timeless and not look dated in a few years. Avoid trendy pieces that may go out of style quickly.

Instead, go for classic pieces that’ll stand the test of time. Three pieces I consider to be timeless are:

  • Plaid button-ups (especially the red ones!)
  • The “little black dress” every girl has in her closet
  • And jean jackets

Dress According to Your Preferences

A Vibrant Collage Showcasing Photography Clients Wearing A Variety Of Jackets And Hats, Perfect For Deciding What To Wear To A Photoshoot.

Do you, boo!

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit.

Choose pieces that reflect your style and make you feel good. Because if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, it’ll show in your photos.

Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your outfit with accessories or statement pieces.

What NOT to Wear to Your Photoshoot

A Group Of Young People Standing In Front Of A Tunnel Wearing A Lot Of Colorful Clothes That Doesn'T Match One Another.

When preparing for a photo session, you want to find that one outfit that makes you look your best. However, it’s equally important to know what not to wear.

Here are a few things to avoid when selecting your photoshoot outfits:

Don’t Wing It

Puh-LEASE don’t wait until the last minute to decide what to wear!

  1. You’ll be late for your photoshoot if you start deciding the day of.
  2. You’ll most likely grab two outfits you DON’T like and run out of the house.
  3. Every photo you take will look “ok” but not great because you didn’t have on that shirt you really wanted to shoot in.

You’ll have wasted your time, the photographer’s time, and leave with photos you think are crappy, all because you procrastinated with your outfit! Lol

***As you might assume, I’ve had many instances like this happen.***

Take the time to plan your outfit in advance so you can be sure it looks good, fits well and you’re not rushing to find it the day of your session.

Avoid Logos, Pictures, and Slogans

Avoid wearing clothing with logos, pictures, or slogans. These can be distracting and take away from the photo’s focus, which should be you.

I do not like large logos and slogans because they can date your photos. You want that timeless feel for your photoshoot and final images.

Avoid Large, Busy Patterns and Bright Colors

Note: This outfit ‘no-no’ only applies if you’re taking Professional Headshots. For any other session, go off (i.e., do your thing).

Large, bold patterns and bright colors can be distracting and take away from the photo’s focus. Instead, opt for solid colors or small, subtle prints and patterns. Neutral colors such as white, gray, black, and taupe are always safe.

And by avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll make sure your photos look their best.

Tips for Different Types of Photoshoots

When it comes to what to wear for your next photoshoot, it’s important to consider the type of photoshoot you’ll be doing. Here are some tips for different types of photography:

Individual Shoots

Four Pictures Showcasing Different Colored Pants For A Photoshoot.

For an individual photoshoot, solid colors tend to look best. And you can add some interest with accessories like hats or scarves. And once again, avoid prints and different patterns or logos that can be distracting during your portrait session.

Group and Family Portrait Sessions

It’s important to coordinate your family photo outfits for group and family photos without being too matchy-matchy.

Choose a color palette and have everyone wear different shades of those colors. You can also mix in some neutrals like black, white, or blue tones in your family photos.

And unless done on purpose, avoid wearing the same exact outfit as someone else in the group. Coordinating your family photo outfits is also easy when you shop at the same store or brand.


When you’re pregnant, finding clothes that fit and flatter your changing body can be challenging. Look for stretchy fabrics that’ll be comfortable and show off your bump.

Empire waist dresses or tops are a great option, as are maxi dresses. Just avoid clothes that’re too tight or loose.

Newborns and Babies

A Newborn Baby Wrapped In A Pink Blanket For A Photoshoot On A Pink Background.

For newborn and baby photos, keep it simple. A onesie or diaper cover is all you need, and you can add some interest with a cute hat or headband. I also suggest avoiding clothes with too many buttons or snaps, as they can be difficult to get on and off.

Toddlers and Kids

Toddlers and kids can be a bit more challenging. They often have strong opinions about what they want to wear. Try to find a compromise between what they want and what will look good in photos. Avoid clothes with multiple colors, characters, or logos that can be distracting.


Teens often have their own style, so let them choose their outfits for their photoshoots. Encourage them to choose something that makes them feel confident and comfortable. But avoid clothes that are too revealing or casual.

Engagement or Couples Shoot

Three Pictures Of A Man And Woman Hugging Each Other, Showcasing What To Wear To A Photoshoot.

For engagement or couple photos, it’s important to coordinate your outfits without going overboard. Choose complementary colors and have each person wear a different shade of those colors. You can also mix in some neutrals like black or white. Only wear the same outfit if done on purpose.


For lifestyle photos, you want to wear something that reflects your style and the activity you’ll be doing. If you’re doing a photoshoot at home, choose something comfortable and casual. If you’re doing a photoshoot in nature, pick something that complements the surroundings or earth tones.

Professional and Headshots

Three Pictures Showcasing Fashionable Women Wearing Beige Coats And Hats, Ideal For Inspiration On What To Wear To A Photoshoot.

For professional photos and headshots, it’s important to dress in a way that reflects your industry and personal brand. If you work in a creative field, you can be a bit more casual. If you work in a more formal industry, wear something more traditional. You can even hire a professional stylist. They make a huge difference and can even accompany you to your photoshoot.

Other Factors to Consider for Your Photoshoot

When preparing for a photoshoot, there are several factors to consider beyond just what to wear. Here are some other important factors you should keep in mind:

1. The Type of Photoshoot You’re Doing

The type of photoshoot you’re doing will determine how you should prepare.

For example, if you’re doing a family photoshoot, you may want to coordinate outfits with your family members to create a cohesive look. On the other hand, if you’re doing a solo photoshoot, you may want to focus more on creating a look that reflects your personality.

2. Your Personal Style

Your style should be reflected in what you wear for your photoshoot. If you typically wear bold colors and patterns, don’t be afraid to incorporate these into your outfit. But, if you prefer a more minimalist look, stick to neutral colors and simple designs.

3. The Season, Session Location, and Weather The Day of The Shoot

A Yellow Sweater, White Pants And A Purse On A Bed, Showcasing An Ideal Outfit For A Photoshoot.

The season and weather on the day of your shoot will also impact what you should wear. If it’s a hot summer day, you may want to wear lightweight fabrics and avoid heavy layers. On the other hand, if it’s a chilly fall day, layer up with a jacket or sweater.

4. Avoid Keeping Your Cell Phone and Keys in Your Pocket

Finally, avoid keeping your cell phone and keys in your pocket during your photo shoot. These items create unsightly bulges in your clothing and can be distracting during the shoot.

Instead, consider leaving these items in a safe place or giving them to a friend or family member to hold onto during the shoot.

5. Talk With Your Photographer for Recommendations

Your photographer is an expert in their field and can provide valuable recommendations and clothing options for your photo shoot. They can advise you on the best colors, styles, fabrics to wear, and what to avoid. So, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for their opinion.

I often recommend Pinterest to my clients if they still need inspiration for what to wear. And I love it when they share Pins with me because I can mentally prepare for the session!

6. Bring a Backup Outfit Just in Case You Need to Change

Choosing What To Wear To A Photoshoot Can Be Overwhelming, But With The Right Combination Of A Hat, Shirt, Jeans, And Shoes, You'Ll Be Camera-Ready In No Time.

It’s always a good idea to bring backup clothing if you need to change. Accidents and wardrobe malfunctions happen, and having a backup is always nice.

Make sure your backup outfit is similar in style and color to your original clothing so it doesn’t clash with your other photos.

Conclusion: Wear What Makes You Happy to Your Photoshoot

A Man Dressed In A Colorful Outfit Riding A Bicycle In A Photoshoot.

Ultimately, the most important thing is feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing for your photoshoot.

You should feel like yourself, and your personality should shine through in your photos!

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules regarding what to wear for a photoshoot. It depends on:

  1. The type of shoot you’re doing

  2. The location

  3. Your personal style

Use the tips and suggestions we’ve provided above as a starting point. But don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new!

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