No More Stress and confusion With Your Content Strategy!

This eBook Shows You How To Create

Better Content That SELLS.

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What if producing quality content (which you need to grow your audience) DIDN’T feel overwhelming and take up so much of your valuable time?

With CONTENT DONE RIGHT, there’s no need to guess your way through hours of your content creation process.

You’ll have the tools and clarity to make content production easy peasy.

Tell Me If Any Of This Sounds Familiar…

You’re overwhelmed by everything you’ve learned about creating content.

You procrastinate with being the face of your brand/business.

You feel pressured into creating content a certain way.

You don’t know what your content should be.

You’re sick of seeing 100’s of content strategies “everyone should be doing.”

You feel behind in learning the social media platforms that are always changing.

You’ve tried waaay too many strategies and don’t know what to stick with.

You just don’t know where to start.

Well, I Can Honestly Say This
(Plus a Whole Lot of Self-Doubt) Was 100% Me.

What starts off as…

“I’ll do some research, watch TikTok for inspiration, and then make a post!”

Turns into…

3 Hours Later
  • 3 hours of scrolling and saving posts that’ll probably never be watched again
  • Only recording 1 video or posting a picture completely irrelevant to my brand
  • Feeling like I wasted my time because I didn’t check anything off of my list for the day Giving up on posting content for another week because it feels unproductive

If any of my experiences resonate with you, then you know the struggle!

But What If There WAS a Way To Make The Process Easier?

More Clear, Organized, and EFFECTIVE!

That’s precisely why I created CONTENT DONE RIGHT.

After watching countless videos, blog posts, courses, and extensive research over the years, I’ve gathered everything I’ve learned and simplified it into this eBook.

I’ve cut and simplified the learning curve for you, giving you ONLY what you need to know to:

  • Create an effective content strategy
  • Learn how to create effective content
  • Understand what types of content to create

And you can use this eBook IMMEDIATELY to get clear on your goals and start producing better content.




Content Done Right Ebook Chapters

This eBook Also Comes With:

  • 30 Blog Title Ideas
  • My Call-To-Action Cheatsheet
  • Done For You 30-Day Content Calendar
  • My Exact Content Creation Workflow
  • Reflective Worksheets For Each Chapter

I Mean Let’s Be Real…

It’s 2023, and literally, EVERYONE is pushing out content. The last thing you want to worry about is if you’re creating content the right way.

Being an entrepreneur, business owner, brand, and influencer is already tough.

The way we have to wear multiple hats is exhausting. And there are a TON of tasks you need to spend time on. For example you have:

  1. Planning & Admin
  2. Content Creation
  3. Marketing
  4. Monetizing
  5. Service Work
  6. Creating Products
  7. Your Mental & Physical Health
  8. Spending Quality Time With Friends & Family
  9. Etc.

If you’re going to grow your income, you’ll need to touch all these areas and more…

And at this point, you’ve probably realized “content creation” can absolutely EAT AWAY at your working hours.

(Which can make creating feel more like a CHORE!)

But wait… what if it didn’t?

  • What if you didn’t procrastinate with your creation process?
  • What if you actually got CLEAR on what will make your content effective?
  • What if you were excited about creating content?

And what if you knew EXACTLY what to post to…

  • Grow Your Audience?
  • Make More Sales?
  • Get More Exposure?
  • Gain More Clients?
  • Monetize Your Platform?
  • Get More Business Opportunities?

What if you had the time to do EVERYTHING you said you’d do in your business because you’re AHEAD on content?

As a Photography, Web Design, and Marketing Firm, we’ve helped many clients achieve their branding goals, bringing out the best of their businesses and content creation!

Here are some client reviews about the work we’ve done with them:

5 star rating
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“Red October Firm has done amazing work for my general contracting business! They’ve incorporated an effective game plan for my online marketing, took great pictures of my renovation/remodeling jobs and redesigned my website.
The quality content they’ve provided has tremendously improved my business. If you’re looking to get more customers for you business, I highly recommend hiring them for local SEO services and RESPONSIVE website design.”
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“Red October Firm is amazing!! They will do everything to help execute your vision, and they go above and beyond for their clients.
I used their services for my business, and Kyra was great at communicating and understanding what my idea was and helped me bring it to life. You can’t go wrong taking your business here!”
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“This wasn’t my first time working with Red October Firm. They went over my expectations per usual, getting the project I asked for amazingly done and super fast. Will definitely be working with them again in the future!”
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“Red October Firm’s work is top tier!
They were very accommodating to my wants and needs for photographing an event. Red October Firm is a well-established photography and content company, that I can’t wait to book again!”
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“Red October Firm did a wonderful job designing a new website for Creative Tours. I highly recommend them for online marketing and website design services.”
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“Red October Firm has done wonders since it’s creation. They are capable of doing everything and anything that has to do with content and artistry. Definitely recommend!!”
Headshot 8

Hi! I’m Kyra Chambers.
(AKA Kyra The Creative)
I’m an Artist, Photographer, and Graphic Designer.

I create and manage content for my brands:

When I’m Not Creating Content For These Brands, I’m…

Hosting Paint Classes

Paint Parties

Booking Photo Shoots

Haedshot Collage

Teaching The

Art Mentorship

Photographing The

Child Photography

Painting Murals For Businesses


Or… Building Client Websites With My Best Friend ❤️

Me And Adran

As you can see I’ve done and do A LOT of content work for myself and other businesses.

But the truth is, no matter how much I helped other brands and business owners, they still felt lost on how to produce effective content.

This is because they haven’t done the inner work of building their brand identity. And when you miss this piece of the puzzle, every step forward can get more and more confusing.

Which is why I created…


for Brands and Business Owners to get a clear path for their content creation.

I just want content creators to confidently move forward in producing content and THINK LESS about the process so they can focus more on marketing and monetization.

Plain and simple.

But What If I’m Not Good At Creating Content?

Well… are you actually NOT good at producing content?

Or are you just new at it and outside of your comfort zone?

The truth is, it’s GOING to feel weird and wrong, and you’ll have all the feels when you start putting your face out there. But it’s normal to feel those things, and it’s totally normal to be bad at video, writing, and audio at first.

So I don’t believe a single person exists who is “bad” at creating content and cannot improve.

The real question is, will you ignore negative feelings and bad questions like these long enough to get better?

Is This For New Content Creators Or More Experienced Creators?


If you’re new to creating content or have some experience, I’ll show you how the backend works.

So you’ll have a clear and consistent content strategy.

Can I Buy It, Try It Out, Then Ask For A Refund?

All sales for Content Done Right are final and non-refundable because it’s an eBook. But what I can guarantee you is:

  • More clarity to your content creation than you have now.
  • You’re saving time using the worksheets and calendar with fill-in-the-blank content ideas.
  • If you apply everything in the eBook to your business and content strategy with 100% drive, effort, and consistency, your business income will grow exponentially!


Super easy! Click here to purchase Content Done Right!


CONTENT DONE RIGHT is made for anyone who creates content on the internet.

Whether you’re an influencer who wants to work with brands, an online business owner, or a local business that wants to expand online, CONTENT DONE RIGHT is for you.

Content Done Right Is For Everyone

Who Is This NOT For?

  • People who don’t produce any content online.
  • People who don’t value content creation.
  • People who only want to post for fun.

So to sum it up…

CONTENT DONE RIGHT is a time-saving content strategy-building guide for anybody who wants to start creating or needs clarity on creating effective content.

The Content Done Right System

Imagine What It’d Feel Like To Get AHEAD On Your Content — So You Can Save Time And Focus On Making $$$ From It.

Imagine what it’d feel like to not be STRESSED about how long creating content will take you.

– Not feeling lost or behind (because you finally know your target audience and what they want to hear!)

– No more guessing if this new strategy will work.

– No more giving up because your last video doesn’t look good.

– No more scrambling to post every single day.

– No more screaming from the top of your lungs about your next sale!

You just need a solid structure and an understanding of your content creation process.


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