Hi, Welcome to Red October Firm!

We’re a photography, web design, and marketing studio located in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Using digital media, we help individuals and brands communicate who they are and what they do.

Founded in 2018, our team has years of experience in photography, graphic design, digital media, web design, and branding services.

We got our start on the belief that a team of talented and passionate individuals can work together to capture memories and create products and services that help others.

Now, we’re more focused than ever on helping people & brands in our community stand out and grow through our photography, web design, and marketing services.

It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Now that you’re here, look around, read a blog post, or book your next Photoshoot session with us!

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Meet The Team

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Kyra Chambers

Owner, Photographer & Artist

Riley Headshot Red October Firm

Adran Riley

Web Design & SEO