Especially understanding all the technical information as a beginner. And finding a reliable source of information you can trust online is difficult.

We understand this.

That’s why our mission at Red October Firm is to make learning photography and earning an income as a photographer easy for others. Even if you’re just starting out.

Kyra Chambers, our co-founder, began her photography journey fresh out of high school. She continued to advance in the industry until she worked for larger photography studios. And then started hosting photography events for up-and-coming photographers and other creatives across Connecticut.

In 2019, she teamed up with Adran Riley, a web designer and writer, to provide photography and digital marketing services on a larger scale. Since then, Red October Firm has served clients all across North America.

But in 2023, we wanted to pivot and return to helping and teaching others. Because we’re a team of content creators at heart. So, we’re going to simplify photography and help others start, grow, and earn an income with their camera.

Our educational approach is fun, straightforward, and motivating. And our courses, products, and the lessons we provide are designed to break down even the most complex photography concept into simple and approachable information.

We also publish new photography articles, videos, reviews, and guides to help you learn and start your own photography business.

Meet the Team Behind our Content

We’ve done a lot as a team. What started out as two separate adventures has evolved into a dedicated group of creators working together to create content, products, and services that help others.

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