CG #004: Take Your Courage Back

This is your reminder for the week to TAKE your courage.

Content Gold Newsletter - Take Your Courage

TAKE The Courage You Need For Your:

  • Career
  • Business
  • Family Life
  • Relationships
  • And Personal Goals

Courageous people aren’t fearless. They just CHOOSE to push past the fear, doubt, shame, and sorrow when they experience it.

For the longest time, when hit with a setback in life, I would stay in my feelings of fear, pain, anxiety, discomfort and sadness.

I would allow my emotions to dictate my decisions.

But I’ve learned that when something happens to you that’s out of your control, how you react IS in your control.

Your Next Move Is Where Your Power Lies.

Do you remember Courage The Cowardly Dog? Ironically, even when he was afraid he would do everything in his power to save his owners.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Be like Courage!

Whether it’s debt, you lose your job, your business slows down, you get into an argument, you have a bad breakup, or you have an embarrassing moment.

Problems will happen. Fear will come.

But YOU ultimately decide how long fear (or any negative emotion) will stay and what your next move will be.

So Here’s Some Actionable Tips For The Next Time An Inconvenience Occurs In Your Life:

FEEL: Take 3-5 minutes to feel your feelings (embrace the tears if you need to cry).

BREATHE: Then take a moment to breath. 3 deep inhales. 3 long exhales.

PRAY/MEDITATE: In your head, talk to yourself or God about what happened and why you feel the way you feel. Ex: “God, this just happened and I’m sad because I believe X.”

REFLECT: Think about that “X” belief you just stated.

SEEK THE TRUTH: Now ask yourself, “is what I believe a lie? Or the truth?”

If it’s a lie: you’re most likely speaking from current emotions or a past experience. Now your job is to find the truth/solution and tell yourself what to believe/take action on.

If it’s the truth: reflect on what IS in your control and the action(s) you can take to change the situation so it doesn’t happen again.

These tips can help you in business and your personal life, so long as you’re willing to TAKE the courage you need.

It’s time to stop acting (and NOT taking action) out of fear.

Take Your Courage Back!

Do it scared.

Take your courage.

Your reality is what you believe.

“Don’t be afraid; just believe.” – Mark 5:36

That’s it for today! Hopefully you found this newsletter helpful.

See you next week!


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