CG #001: I Took A HUGE Financial Risk

I fired my clients…


Towards the end of 2022, I took a HUGE financial risk and stepped away from doing all ongoing Photography and Design work.

My Reason – Why I Took a Huge Financial Risk:

No matter how much video content, photos, flyers, and logos I produced for a client, they were still stagnant in their business growth.

I knew what needed to be done, but they were only paying for the content.

The small businesses I worked with were missing 2 things:

Strategy & Intention

They lacked a foundational structure for their content.

Posting the beautiful pictures we created with their fingers crossed, hoping it’ll bring in more sales.

But there was no plan, no strategy, or call-to-action behind ANY of it.

It was painful watching them post and receive no interaction and only 5 likes.

And it hurt even more to know the hours I spent with ONE client wouldn’t produce any fruit.

So I decided to step back.

I wanted to create something that was affordable and helpful for MANY of my current and future clients.

I wanted to bring truth and clarity to the driven entrepreneur who’s:

  • Willing To Learn
  • Willing To Do The Work
  • And Willing To Be On Camera

So… I took EVERYTHING I know about creating content The Right Way and turned it into an eBook.

I Present To You…

Content Done Right

In This eBook You’ll Learn:

1. How To Create Better Content That SELLS

2. You’ll Get My Call-To-Action Cheatsheet

3. My EXACT Content Creation Workflow

4. Reflective Worksheets

And More!

So with all that being said…

Here’s the link to grab your copy of CONTENT DONE RIGHT!

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