CG #003: I Triple Dog Dare you!


Did you know (June 1st) was Dare Day? (A day to challenge someone and do a dare yourself.)

I definitely would’ve done a dare, but I just found out this Holiday existed.

So instead, here’s some embarrassing photos of me facing my fear of being on some fire escape stairs lol.

Fire Escape

This is probably the best set of pictures to describe my relationship with my little sister lol.

She Always Comes Up With Extreme Ideas That Are “Fun” Like:

  • Skydiving
  • Helicopter Rides
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Traveling Multiple Times A Month

With me being a home-body and a cry baby, I turn 80% of her ideas to hang out down.

(It’s bad, I gotta work on that lol)

And that 20% when I do say yes to her plans, I still don’t really want to do anything outside of the house.

But I do push myself to go!

Because I know that’s what she likes. She’s an extrovert who thrives off of new experiences and fun memories.

And It’d be selfish of me to deprive my little sis of that type of bonding.

She can’t ALWAYS sit in the house and watch movies with me (unfortunately).

In The Same Way, We Shouldn’t Be Selfish In Our Businesses.


They End Up:

  • Feeling stuck
  • Getting inconsistent sales
  • Resenting their business
  • Having a hard time converting their audience into paying customers
  • And questioning whether or not they should even be a business owner

If this sounds like something you’re dealing with in entrepreneurship, you’re problem might be that you have selfish goals.

Even if you just want to be able to financially provide for your family in a way that isn’t from a 9-5 job. It’s an amazing goal.

But it’s still selfish. Here’s why.

When I say selfish, I mean your customers aren’t going to buy what you’re selling because you want to help your family.

Getting Customers

So I DARE YOU to take a moment to reflect on your goals, your intentions for business, what motivates you, and what’s that driving force that gets you up in the morning.

Then I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU to flip it around to make your business about other people!

I Triple Dog Dare You

Because people can tell the difference when you’re posting content to make a sale and posting content to actually help them.

So here’s a Content Strategy for you to turn things around in your business:

  • Post a ridiculous amount of valuable content before promoting what you’re selling.
  • Start educating them on your audience’s problems and how you have what they need to solve them.
  • Explain why you do what you do and your story behind your business (pro tip: this is what sets you apart from your competition!)
  • Test and try out different methods in how you create your content (short-form videos, long-form videos, graphics, pics, audio, BTS, showing your face, voiceovers, etc.) to know what your audience wants to see and what products they want to buy from you.
  • Gather all of this data over the course of at least a month, and see what changes or tweaks need to be made within your business and content creation process.
  • Don’t get so attached to what you THINK your audience will like, or what YOU want them to like. Sometimes you have to follow the market and stick to what’s working.
  • Increase what’s working, cut out what’s not.
Serve People

Making your business and content about serving people will make a world of a difference in how much money you make and how you FEEL about your business moving forward.

Stop Selling, Start Helping.

Whenever You’re Ready, Here Are 3 Ways We Can Help You:

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