CG #002: I Borrowed This For You

Today I’m actually borrowing a lesson out of my paid eBook CONTENT DONE RIGHT.

I Borrowed This For You - Look Insid

No Charge, No Catch, Just A Legit Way To:

  • Structure Your Content
  • Help You Grab And KEEP Your Audience’s Attention With Your Content

Chapter 6 Of Content Done Right Ebook
The Aida Model Content Structure
Aida Model Worksheet
Grab Their Attention

Let’s Be Real…

It’s 2023, and literally everyone and their mother is pushing out content.

The last thing you want to do is wonder if you’re creating content the right way.

And being an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Brand, and Influencer is already tough and exhausting.

We have to wear so many different hats. And there are a TON of tasks you need to keep up with and spend time on.

And by this point, you’ve probably realized “content creation” can absolutely EAT AWAY at your working hours.

(Which can make creating content feel more like a CHORE)

But what if it didn’t feel like that?

What if you didn’t procrastinate with your creation process?

What if you actually got CLEAR on what will make your content effective?

What if you were excited about creating content?

What if you had the time to do EVERYTHING you said you’d do in because you’re AHEAD on content?

With Content Done Right, you’ll learn how to make effective content in less than 2 hours.

PLUS I Borrowed This For You

Save yourself some time and get ahead of the game with the idea templates I provide inside.

And I hope you enjoyed the lesson!

Talk soon,



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