How to Stand Out as a Content Creator

Want to learn how to stand out as a content creator?

Many content creators are drowning in this ever-growing sea of content.

It gets discouraging when trying to grow online as a business owner or content creator. Especially when creating content that seems to work for others but not for you.

If you find your social media to be stagnant, you might ask yourself:

  1. “How do I stand out as a content creator when there’s so many people making content in the same niche as me?”
  2. “Can I even grow with how saturated these platforms are?”
  3. “How can my content stand out?”

If this sounds like you, no need to worry!

When you put a plan in place with this info, you won’t EVER need to worry about drowning on social media platforms again.

So here’s the plan…

How To Stand Out As A Content Creator

How To Stand Out As A Content Creator – Figure Out What Makes You Different

The key to standing out amongst a sea of content creators is knowing what exactly separates you from other people.

The best way to do this is to take a moment to self-reflect on what makes you unique.

Here’s a hint: your story!

What makes you different from everyone else is your background story that led you to do the things you do now. And the reason there are so many people online sharing the same information in every industry is for this exact reason!

Storytelling Is Effective In Content Marketing

Two women who post videos on the same information about motherhood can both have a huge following simply because they:

  • Share their personalities on video
  • They share different birthing stories
  • They come from different backgrounds
  • They have different video styles (vlog vs. talking head)
  • They deliver a story or message in a way only they can
  • And they make their content for women who can relate to them culturally.

When you identify what makes you unique (your story, how you talk, how you create your content, etc.) it becomes easier to stand out through your content.

Here’s How to Stand Out as a Content Creator: Get Specific

Get Specific As A Content Creator

Creating videos and posts on information that’s too general or easily accessible can be harmful to your growth. Especially if you’re new to creating content.

Informational content that could be labeled as “101” or “for beginners” is great if your target audience is a group of people just starting out in your niche. As well as incorporating it into your content strategy every once in a while.

But it should only take up a small percentage of your content library.

For example, if you make YouTube videos about home improvement, you could incorporate a few beginner “101” types of videos for people who want to become a general contractor or DIY-ers.

And if you really want to stand out as a content creator from other content creators in home improvement, focus on specific subjects like:

  • How to install a toilet
  • How to paint your office walls
  • 5 home improvement tricks
  • How to make your home baby-proof
  • How to build a man-cave

These are wonderful titles to use for keyword purposes. They’re very simple and clear for the YouTube algorithm to understand.

But wait! There’s more!

Grab Your Audience’s Attention

To make your videos stand out from the rest of the content creators in the home-improvement industry, use words that grab your audience’s attention.

A great way to do this is by adding numbers, dollar figures, words that emphasize something is huge, words that speak to the desires of your audience, and words that imply you’re providing a “quick win” (something fast your audience can do for effective results).

So if you take the same video titles and incorporate these attention-grabbing words, you’ll come up with something like:

  • How to install a $10,000 toilet
  • Paint your office walls like a pro
  • Save $$$ doing these 5 home improvement tricks
  • 5 hacks to make your home baby-proof
  • How to turn your apartment into the ultimate man-cave

Patch The Holes In Your Niche

Niche Content Creation Tip

This next step requires some research but is super effective if you do it successfully!

Look up the leading content creators in your niche on the platforms you plan to be present on.

Here’s What You Should Look For:

  • A lack of information in your niche people should know, but there’s little to no content about it (take note of that missing content so you can make it!).
  • Are there platforms that are over-saturated with content in your niche? Where else can you share your content that doesn’t have a lot of content creators?
  • What do other content creators in your niche do too much or too little of? Note this so you can focus on making valuable content that isn’t as readily available.
  • Is there any confusion in your audience and how can you bring clarity? Researching the questions that your audience has is a good way to find content ideas (ex: Google, Reddit, the search bar suggestions on any social media platform, etc.)

How To Stand Out As A Content Creator: Lock In

If your niche is super saturated and you really want to be known as THE expert in your industry as a content creator, hone in on what you do and learn all you can about your niche.

This requires the mindset of wanting to always learn. Strive to be an expert but stay a humble student to the game.

This isn’t an extreme thing to consider doing by the way.

There’s new information shared faster and faster every day. Every industry in the world continues to improve and evolve, so you’re bound to learn something new in your area of expertise!  

So, to stay up to date on the latest trends, changes and information in your industry:

  • Research your niche often
  • Study other content creators 
  • Analyze what content performs best
  • Keep tabs on experts and leading influencers

Know Who Your Target Audience Is

Besides knowing what makes you and your content different from other content creators, knowing who your target audience is would be the most important thing in your content creation.

Many people make the mistake of producing great content and grow frustrated when they aren’t reaching their content marketing goals.

This happens because they never took the time to figure out who their audience is.

Here’s What You Should Ask Yourself To Find Your Target Audience:

  • What do they want?
  • What do they need?
  • What should they know?
  • What’s their demographic?
  • What type of content do they prefer?
  • What’re their desires/desired outcomes?
  • What’re their pain points and weaknesses?
  • What would you want if you were in their shoes?
  • What social media platforms are they present on?

Getting as specific as you can, even if you have to make up an imaginary person who would love everything you post, will help you create effective content that gets results.

Know Your Audience As A Content Creator

Another thing to consider regarding your target audience is to make content for the younger version of yourself when you first started out in your niche.

Think about the things you wish you knew or you wish someone had told you in the beginning stages of your journey.

When you incorporate this into your strategy, it’ll feel more personal to you and your audience will notice that your content is authentic.

Diversify Your Content

The content creation process can seem very surface level and dry when you focus on one specific topic in your industry. So, when making a variety of content that still falls under the umbrella of your niche, consider different topics and content pillars you and your audience would find value in.

For example, you could make these forms of content:

  • Tutorials
  • Storytelling
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Product Reviews
  • Debunking Myths
  • Challenge Common Beliefs
  • Collab With Industry Leaders
  • Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Quick Wins

When trying these different content forms, keep in mind what platforms you’ll be publishing on.

You wouldn’t want to upload a 5-minute horizontal video onto Facebook Reels as is.

Formatting your content to fit the standards of different platforms can have an enormous impact on the success of your content.

Learn How To Format Your Content For Different Platforms

Be Consistent

These are the things you should remember to get the most out of your content and avoid hurting your own feelings:

  • Don’t compare yourself to other content creators.
    • This is very much a “duhh!” statement, but we still do it because we’re human. Keep reminding yourself that people are only posting the best times and most ideal moments of their life. And there are some content creators out there who lie as well! You can’t believe everything people say on the internet.
  • Don’t get attached to the content you create.
    • This means that even though you put hours of effort into the creation process and you think it’s a great idea that everyone will love, there’s always the possibility that it won’t get the feedback you were expecting.
  • Avoid being a perfectionist and just post the dang thing!
    • The more you hit publish without second guessing or making everything perfect, the less attached you get to your content. And the less attached you get to your content, the less you’ll overthink the content creation process.

This means you’ll make more content more frequently and you won’t be giving any room for insecurities, imposter syndrome, or perfectionism!

Consistency Is Important If You Want To Stand Out As A Content Creator

If you need more help with your content or need help just getting started, we wrote an eBook just for you!

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