How to Create a Great Logo

How To Create A Great Logo

When building your brand or business, designing a great logo is VERY important.

It’s the first thing people see when interacting with your brand or business.

It is an introduction.

An introduction to who you are or your business.

Which is why you need to have a great logo. Or cover art for your book or any music you’re going to release if you’re a music artist.

Cover Art and Logos:

  1. Grab your attention
  2. Are the foundation of your brands identity
  3. Should be memorable
  4. Separate your brand or business from others

The Elements You Need to Succeed

Every brand and business has a story.

Successful branding is about telling a story that’ll influence your target audience.

A logo and cover art are only a piece of a person or company’s brand.

But, they are the foundation for the entire story on which brands and businesses are built.

Colors, tones, fonts, and shapes – all of these are determined by the story you’re want to tell.

Your logo or cover art introduces your story.

And if you want what you’re working on to succeed you need a logo and cover art that isn’t only good, but exceptional.

Because the choices you make will affect your branding and marketing later on.

An amazing logo and memorable cover art are two of the most important pieces of your success.

Whether it’s a book or a brand, logos, and cover art help sell, and you need all the help you can get to beat the competition.

Why Should You Care About Your Logo and Cover Art?

Your logo is the heart and soul of your brand.

It identifies you. And you want it to be an identity that’ll resonate with your audience or customers.

A memorable logo gives you an advantage.

An advantage over your competitors. It should be unique, distinct, and highly recognizable.

And NOT a logo that gets lost with those from other brands.

Unless you’re trying to mimic another more successful brand on purpose.

Logo Colors

And yes, that’s a thing.

But even if it’s an effective strategy, it’s always better to stand out.

Be unique when designing your logo.

Cover art is another essential component that should be taken into consideration when marketing things.

The cover art on your products and content should project an image, an idea, and a feeling.

The image should be something unique yet relatable or even exotic.

The idea should be something your target market will find inspiring. And it should make them want more.

The art and design should make the understand, and desire your products and services.

Your brand, should not only stand out. But also create a sense of intrigue that’ll get people interested.

If you have a compelling logo and effective cover art that stands out and project an enticing image, customers will flock to you.

Especially when combined with an effective marketing strategy and social media message.

Because great logos and cover art = a better, more successful marketing strategy.

Which in turn leads to a higher chance of success in whatever it is your trying to promote.

The Science of Great Logos and Cover Art

Great Logo Design

The importance of a great logo and cover art is strong. Some of the largest, most successful brands and companies have simple yet great logos.

A great logo leads to more brand recognition.

And brands who create simple but memorable logos can outperform their competitors.

Because the logo they’ve created got them more attention.

How Different Color Logos Impact Decision Making

The colors you use for your logo and cover art have distinct psychological meanings.

The psychology of color has been long been a subject of debate.

And along the way, it has revealed many insights.

For example, red is typically associated with passion and intensity. While orange and yellow are associated with happiness and excitement.

It is believed fast food brands elicit positive reactions from customers when their logos and brand colors feature a shade of bright yellow (McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.).

But besides quality and uniqueness when it comes to your logo and cover art, consistency is another major consideration.

Once your logo and the direction of your concept art has been decided on, the next important thing to do is make sure it’s consistent.

Especially across all the different social media platforms.

Customers respond well to consistency.

Especially when it comes to logos.

And it’s why your brand should maintain the same feel and look as best as possible. No matter the platform.

When buying, shoppers and potential customers don’t like inconsistency. So if your brand, logo, and business are inconsistent then they just might choose someone else.

Someone whose brand, logo, and business they trust.

How To Design Your Logo

So how do you get the quality logo or cover art you’re searching for?

First, you must have a deep and thorough understanding of your brand.

  • What it is?
  • Who does it appeal to?
  • And what will it be or look like in the future?

These questions need to be answered.

And taken into account when making a decision on your brand colors and logo. Because they will matter later. And influence future art concepts and marketing material.

Another thing to consider is how much you’re willing to pay for a logo.

You get what you pay for and who you hire. Cheap logos are generally flawed and can be blurry.

They provide little to no longterm value to any brand.

Logo Designer

And it’s why it’s recommended you budget and set aside some money to hire a great graphic designer.

Quality work lasts.

Don’t cut corners or be cheap when it comes to purchasing your logo or cover art.

It’s a BIG investment.

An investment in your business, brand and future.

Many companies will even pick some of their favorite logo designs and then test them out to see the different reactions they get.

Getting an idea of how your audience responds to your logo is smart. And it can possibly save you a lot of time and money.

So the sooner you test and find out what your audience likes best, the better. It’ll help streamline the finalization of your logo design.

Allowing you to move on. And start producing different, more specialized content like cover art that reflects the logo design to promote your brand.

And it’s why even if you’re just getting started with your company or brand, it’s highly recommended that you partner with a professional designer.

Don’t try and do it all to yourself.

Great logos and cover art stand the test of time. Get in touch with a designer.

Give them some background information on the personality and audience you’re brand and see what they come up with for you.

Working with a professional designer will also add credibility to your brand, which is especially important early on.

Recap and Further Reading

You’ve just learned a lot of information on why you need a great logo and cover art.

So here’s a quick recap to help you remember everything.

You learned that both logo and cover art design are crucial to your success.

Also, the different colors you choose matter. Color and the impact they will have on your brand now and in the future should not be ignored.

Different colors create different thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

We also discussed why it’s important to know your brand inside and out.

And touched on the value of having a graphic design firm understand your identity as well before making any major decisions on a logo.

Finally, we went over why you need to work with a professional designer to maximize your impact and chances of success.

You are now up to date with the information you need to start making decisions on getting yourself a great logo and cover art.

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