How Hiring a Content Marketing Writer Boosts Sales

Most businesses want to keep increasing their sales.

This is where a content marketing writer comes into play. A good content marketing writer can help you create compelling, informative articles, blog posts, and social media posts that’ll help you reach a wider audience.

Plus, the larger your audience, the more likely you are to make a sale.

So, let’s dive deeper and examine how your business can benefit from hiring a content marketing writer.

What Is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 

Note: Content marketing is NOT the same as advertising.

With content marketing, you’re not selling anything directly. Instead, you’re providing helpful information for free that’ll hopefully lead your readers and viewers to purchase down the road when they’re ready. 

How Hiring a Content Marketing Writer Boosts Sales

  1. Draws In New Customers
  2. Increases The Lifetime Value of Each Customer
  3. Gets You More Referrals
  4. Lowers Sales Costs
  5. Can Decrease Business Expenses
  6. Create Persuasive Copy That Sells

1. Draws In New Customers With Content Marketing

When business owners want to increase sales, their first thought is usually to get more customers.

Increasing your business and brand awareness is the fastest way a business owner can increase sales. And that’s where content marketing comes into play!

Content marketing and a content marketing writer can help you improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the process of optimizing your website for Google search to earn higher web traffic levels and improve your visibility online. One of the main ranking factors for SEO is the quality and quantity of your website’s content.

So, create a website for your business if you don’t already have one, and publish new and useful content in the form of blog posts and videos. Your potential customers are trying to find you online, and when you publish content, you’ll start attracting new clients from various online channels.

Content Marketing Helps Local Businesses Get The Attention They’re Looking For

A content marketing writer works on your behalf to increase the number of articles and pages on your website. This increase in articles and pages boosts the amount of information and keywords your business can target.

So when customers search the internet for that information and similar keywords are more likely to contact you and your local business.

Why Hire A Content Marketing Writer

Drawing in new customers like this is very beneficial because content marketing works in your favor 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

2. How Content Marketing Increases The Lifetime Value of Each Customer

Although content marketing generates more online traffic for your business, converting that attention into paying customers can be hard.

So, another way to boost sales that doesn’t require getting new customers is increasing the lifetime value of each customer you already have.

Increase Buying Frequency

With a content marketing writer, you’ll be publishing brand-new information online that allows you to connect with your customers more often. 

And when you write and publish brand-new posts on your website, you can email them to your customers.

Sending your customers monthly emails is a great way to stay connected. Emailing them also helps keep your business and the services and products you offer in mind.

Because the more customers who’ve purchased from you in the past think about your business, the more likely they are to buy from you again.

For example, let’s say someone buys from you once every four months. 

A content marketing writer can help you write articles that might motivate them to buy every two vs. four months. This increases the buying frequency and boosts sales by increasing the lifetime value of each customer you already have.

Keep In Touch With Those That Support You

Often, customers are ready to purchase from you again.

But they’re human, and they forget. Making that next purchase gets brushed off or completely forgotten, and this delay is costing you sales. 

Staying in touch with those who’ve already purchased from you can reduce this delay. This is why grabbing and holding your customers’ attention can increase your profits. 

For example, think about how long you wait before visiting the mechanic again to service your car. Even when you know you should be going every 3 to 6 months, that quickly gets forgotten unless you’re reminded.

Automotive service providers know and understand this, which is why they keep in touch. They do this by placing a sticker on your windshield or follow-up with customers by sending regular emails.

You can and should do the same with your business with content marketing.

Build Longer Relationships

Content marketing allows you to build trust with your audience.

People are more likely to buy from companies they trust, and one of the best ways to build trust is by providing helpful information free of charge. 

When you start communicating more frequently (with even more value) to your clients, they’ll likely feel a deeper connection with you.

Plus, you want your consumers to feel like they’re your friends! 

Creating a connection like this will build a lasting relationship and lead to someone purchasing from you more than once.

Increase The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers

If you raise the lifetime value of each customer, you will make more money from each customer.

This is because they will be more loyal to your company. You can also use this money to get new customers.

Hiring a content marketing writer is a good way to do this.

3. Get More Client Referrals

We love when people who have already bought from us tell their friends and family about us.

A content marketing writer can help boost your sales by getting customers and others to tell their friends, family, and community about you.

Writing blog posts and sharing helpful information about what you or your business provides is also a good way to get people talking.

Blog Posts And Businessess

This means you should create material people will enjoy and want to share with others. Because if you aren’t giving people something positive to talk about, you’ll be wishing and hoping word of mouth spreads.

Versus taking a proactive approach and doing what you can on your end.

Release something amazing that’s relevant to your client’s issues that can be resolved using your products and services.

Then, with the help of a content marketing writer, spread the word. And don’t forget to ask readers if they know someone else who’d benefit from passing it on.

4. Lowers Your Sales Costs

Hiring employees costs money.

But, hiring a content marketing writer can save you money and increase sales. Because when you publish content, customers want to know before buying your products or services, it’s sales on autopilot.

You’re educating and bringing them up to speed on the sales process and how they can benefit.

Plus, those who aren’t interested in what you have to offer move on. You don’t have to continue talking with someone who isn’t ready or interested in what you can provide.

Automated content marketing means spending more time on other aspects of your business.

For example, if someone wants to buy new cabinets from you, your content marketing writer can write a blog post explaining the process. The blog post does a great job answering questions, describing the cabinets, and explaining the sales process.

Interested customers then have all the information they need, which means they’re more likely to buy from you. And you or an employee didn’t have to spend a minute explaining the process repeatedly. 

5. Decreases Overall Business Expenses

The secret to great content marketing is publishing information your leads and customers find educational, entertaining, or valuable.

The best way to tell which content you and your content marketing writer should publish is to listen. Feedback and questions from current and past customers will give you ideas for topics to write about.

Once published, the content can and will help you by working as a virtual sales advocate on your behalf.

This means the next time someone’s confused or wants to ask a frequently asked question; you can point them to your website or article with the answer. 

A library of helpful, interesting, and relevant content published on your website over time will lower your overall business expenses. 

This means you might not need as many people or a team of employees answering questions, emails, or selling your products and services.

Content Marketing Writers Save You Time 

As a business owner, you’re probably already stretched thin as it is.

Finding time to produce high-quality content on top of everything else you have going on can be difficult. Hiring a professional to write your website or blog content can help you save time.

That way, you can focus on running your business while still getting all the benefits of having great content written on your website or blog.

6. Content Marketing Writers Create Persuasive Copy That Sells 

One of the most important aspects of content marketing is creating effective copy that sells without being too sales-y.

And this is where a lot of businesses struggle. They either don’t know how to strike the right balance or don’t have the time to produce high-quality content consistently. 

This is where a content marketing writer comes into play.

A great writer can turn your concepts into engaging, fascinating, and informative articles, blogs, and social media posts that’ll catch the attention of your target audience and help you increase sales.

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