From book covers to flyers with graphic design, we design with your vision in mind.

Book Cover Designer

A lot of our clients have had these problems in the past:

  • Poor event attendance
  • Posting flyers that only get 10 likes
  • Marketing a product and no one buys it
  • Promoting book covers that don’t bring in sales
  • Using outdated graphics that bore their audience
  • Difficulty making their own flyers and book covers

They face these issues because they typically don’t have a background in marketing or visual arts of any sort.

Which means they lack the understanding of what their audience wants to see and what graphic design elements make their designs look good.

Sometimes the issue could simply be that their flyers, album covers, or book covers look too busy, or there’s not enough information on the designs for the audience to take in.

And other times the problem is a lack of cohesiveness within the design. (i.e. it’s a hot mess!)

If you’ve dealt with any of those issues, we’ve got your back.

Event Flyer Designer

We’re here to create effective and unique designs with your vision in mind.

Our team has a background in graphic design, marketing, illustration, social media management, copywriting and visual arts. And we’re equipped with the tools needed to create:

Connecticut Graphic Design Services

We’ve created designs for authors, music artists, business owners, event planners, organizations and the average person who wants to promote their wedding or upcoming event.

Red October Firm’s Graphic Design Process:

Phase 1: The Initial Phone Call

  • First, we’ll reach out to you to get a clear idea of your vision.
  • We’ll go over all of the “who, what, when, where, why” information that you want people to know when they see your design.
  • If you have any pictures for inspiration, design elements or styles in mind, this is a plus!
  • Then we request a deposit of half the payment we quote you to begin the design process.

Phase 2: Sketching/Drafting

  • The first few days are spent in the “sketching/drafting” phase
  • We implement the information and ideas we previously discussed over the phone
  • If we need anything else from you we’ll reach out via phone call or email.
Business Card Designer

Phase 3: Design Approval

  • After creating your design, we’ll send a low res. version of it over to you for approval via email.
  • If needed, we offer 2 free revisions to make any desired adjustments to your design.
  • If more revisions are needed after the 2 free revisions, our rate is $50/extra revision.

Phase 4: Final Design

  • We have a turnaround time of 5-7 business days.
  • Once we’ve completed your design we’ll reach out to you for your final approval.
  • We understand our clients are sometimes on a time crunch and they need their designs by a certain time. Sometimes before the 5-7 day turnaround.
  • So if your design needs to be expedited, we have a $100 rush fee to speed up our delivery time.

Phase 5: Last Payment & Delivery

  • Once we communicate your design is finished we’ll request the second half of the deposit.
  • We’ll then email your final design to you in any file format or size you desire. (PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.)
Digital Marketing Graphics

No More:

  • Paying for mediocre graphic designs
  • Promoting book covers that don’t bring in sales
  • Posting flyers that only get 10 likes on Instagram
  • Spending hours creating your own graphic design

You need a designer who’s passionate and can understand your vision. And that’s why we’re here. When you hire Red October Firm, our team becomes your team.

We’re here to help you translate your vision to the world through design.

Ready to create high-level designs that bring in results?

Need Ongoing Marketing Material or Graphics?

Design On Demand is EXACTLY what you need!

Design On Demand

An Example of How Design On Demand Benefits Businesses

Our client Stephen has a general contracting and interior design company.

Some of the marketing material he’s requested has been:

  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Postcards
  • Promo Flags
  • Business Cards
  • Website Graphics
  • Social Media Content
Graphic Design Package
Design Scope Review

If ongoing graphic design services sounds like something you’re interested in, let’s talk!