Step into the spotlight with a Studio Photography session!

Birthday Photography

Studio photoshoots are one of the best ways to tap into your creative genius!

We love working with clients who come to us with AMAZING ideas for their photoshoots. And based on our past experience, these clients bring their creative ideas for birthday photoshoots.

Studio Photography Sessions For Your Birthday

Birthday sessions are the most popular type of Photoshoot we’re booked for. It’s always a fun time celebrating our clients through photography.

Birthday photoshoots are definitely a form of self-love and self-care.

Studio Photoshoot

We spend a lot of our days self-criticizing, replaying mistakes in our minds, and pointing out our flaws. But rarely do we take time to give ourselves the love and appreciation that we need in life.

So let this be your sign to book a birthday session or a “just because” photoshoot because you deserve it!

Awkward in front of the camera? We’ll guide you through every pose.

Photography For Models
Red October Firm Studio Photography Sessions

Here’s What We Do To Create a Comfortable Environment:

  • Play Music
  • Offer Beverages
  • Have a Privacy Area Where You Can Change
  • And Encourage You To Bring a Friend Too!
Couples Photoshoot

Don’t Know How To Pose? We Got Your Back.

We believe it’s the photographer’s job to know the poses, angles, and lighting that are the most flattering to the client. Everyone is different which means everyone looks their best with specific poses and angles. It’s just a matter of knowing the poses (that’s our part) and taking the time to experiment with them.

Feel Insecure About Your Body?

We wish this wasn’t so common amongst our clients because we see beauty and uniqueness in everyone. But the benefit of working with a professional photography team like ours is we care about your concerns and insecurities.

And we take it all into consideration during the session and in post-production (editing). If you have any requests for a little “nip tuck editing” we’re happy to provide those alterations!

Maternity Photographer

Studio Photography Sessions Can Be Booked For So Many Occasions!

  1. Portraits
  2. Family Photos
  3. Model Portfolio
  4. Couple’s Photos
  5. Children’s Photos
  6. School Headshots
  7. Graduation Photos
  8. Birthday Photoshoot
  9. Maternity Photoshoot
Maternity Photoshoot In Connecticut Photography Studio

We’ve made our process as smooth as possible for our clients, from booking a session to receiving polished images!

Here’s What To Expect When You Book a Session:

  • After booking online, we’ll call you to get an understanding of your needs for the session and hear some of your ideas.
  • Then we’ll ask what backdrop you’d like to shoot with so it’s set up and ready to use when you arrive.
  • On the day of your session, we’ll briefly go over the details we’ve discussed over the phone.
  • If needed, we provide a vanity desk for makeup artists to work on and for clients to apply their makeup.
  • Once you’re ready to shoot, we’ll start with some test shots and then jump into posing. (At this point, we’ll have music playing for you to loosen up!)
  • As we try out different poses and angles, the images will get better and better the further we go into your session. This is always the exciting part!
  • At the end of your session, we upload the pictures we took together onto an iPad and give you some time to favorite the ones you absolutely love.
  • Once you’re done choosing your photos, you expect to receive them edited in 5 – 7 days.
Photography For Kids
Photography for Kids
  • Extra images are $50/each
  • Delivery time may vary depending on additional images that have been purchased.
  • Delivery time may also be expedited. The rush fee is $100/day.
  • If needed, a session can be canceled and rescheduled 1 time. If a client cancels their session a second time, there’s a $50 fee to reschedule.

Ready to make the most of your photoshoot?

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