With locational photography, we’ll bring the studio to you!

Locational Photography Services Bloomfield Ct

A locational photoshoot is a photography session that takes place outdoors or in a location of your choice, rather than in a studio.

This type of session offers a more relaxed environment for clients because they’re in a location of their choice, which results in more authentic and artistic shots.

Outdoor Photoshoots In Connecticut

Benefits Of Locational Photography Include:

Diverse Background Photography Selections

  • With endless possibilities for locations, you’re sure to find the perfect setting that suits your style and vision.
  • I personally love shooting downtown with clients (specifically in the summertime and around “golden hour”). You can’t go wrong with the diverse architecture and scenery, plus we’re both getting our steps in for the day!
Location Photoshoot By Red October Firm

Outdoor Photography

  • Most people take advantage of outdoor sessions when the weather gets warm or when the scenery looks beautiful like in autumn or after a light snowfall.

Indoors Photoshoots

  • Don’t like the outdoors? Not a problem! We can shoot inside any establishment of your choice. Some indoor locations I’ve shot with clients are inside of their homes, their businesses, a theater, and Airbnb’s.
Locational Photoshoot By Red October Firm

Natural Light

  • Photographers agree that natural light is the best option for capturing stunning shots. Especially when the sun shines through a window juuuust right as it’s setting.

Bringing The Studio To You

Technology has also made it possible to bring studio lights outdoors. So keep in mind that this option does exist when you shoot with us!

House Call Photography Services

  • Have kids? Is it nearly impossible to get to a studio session on time because you’re getting everyone and yourself ready at the same time? Not an issue, we’ll bring the studio to your home.
  • The benefit of doing an in-home photoshoot with us is everyone, especially the kids, will feel way more comfortable because you’re all in an environment you’re familiar with. And the only thing you’ll have to worry about is getting ready.
Outdoor Photographer

This type of session is perfect for so many occasions.

From annual family portraits in the Fall to engagement shoots by the beach, and even modeling headshots in the city… the sky’s the limit!

Locational Photoshoots With Red October Firm

By choosing a locational photoshoot with me (Kyra Chambers), you’ll have access to my posing expertise, creativity, and an enjoyable experience that’ll leave you feeling like a natural in front of the camera.

So if you’re ready to take some pictures in any environment of your choice, book a locational photography session with us today!

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