Real Estate Agent Headshots: What YOU Should Know

Your real estate agent headshots are one of the most important assets when you’re a real estate agent.

It’s the first thing people see when they’re looking for an agent, and it can make or break a deal.

This blog post will discuss what you should know about headshots for real estate agents!

Standing Out and Getting Hired With Your Real Estate Agent Headshots

A great headshot is vital when trying to stand out from a sea of agents.

It’s what makes your first impression on potential clients, and first impressions are everything!

Your face is the first thing they see that’ll determine whether or not you’re trustworthy to work with. Your headshot should project confidence and professionalism and accurately represent who you are.

Smiling For Real Estate Headshots

You’re probably thinking about how difficult that can be.

But you can rest assured with the right professional photographer, you won’t have to worry about that aspect of your headshots.

Here’s what you can do to make your headshots stand out:

Always Smile for Real Estate Headshots!

I’m mostly talking to the men right now.

You might think an intense, serious facial expression will make you look more professional and show that you mean business. But serious headshots can actually hinder you from being hired.

It can come off as arrogant and not personable. People are much more likely to trust and hire you if you look friendly and welcoming with a smile.

Dress The Part

It’s important to dress like the role you want to play.

If you’re trying to get hired as a high-end luxury agent, then your headshot should reflect that. Wear something that looks well-tailored, expensive, and professional.

Real Estate Agent Headshots What You Should Know

But, if you’re going for a more down-to-earth, approachable look, then dress accordingly. The key is to look like you fit the part.

Don’t Overdo It In Your Photoshoot

Keep the clothes, background, and poses simple.

The focus should be on your face, not your new clothes or the location you shot in. It’s best to lean more towards solid colors rather than busy patterns.

If possible, try different locations for your photoshoot. For example, you could shoot with some studio backdrops, some outdoor locations, and even a beautiful home you’re in the process of selling.

These different images can be used for different purposes as well.

One could be used for your LinkedIn profile, another for your social media platforms, and even the promotional content you might create on flyers and postcards.

Let’s go over a few guidelines you should follow regardless of how you plan to use your headshot pictures.

Ideally, they should be taken from the waist up or the chest up, with minimal negative (or open) space.

If you have a lot of open space or a background that isn’t a plain backdrop, your face should automatically draw attention in the picture.

Not the background, not your clothes, and no obvious distractions in the shot.

Research Other Realtors’ Headshots

If you feel a little lost or are unsure about what you should do to make your real estate agent headshots stand out, study other realtor headshots.

This is a great way to prepare in advance and have some inspiration to show your photographer before a photoshoot.

I’ll always advise people to go to Pinterest when they feel stumped. It’s a goldmine for headshot inspiration, as well as other aspects of real estate and marketing.

If you have an account, create a board with some specific looks, location ideas, and even some poses that you’d like to mimic. You could even practice them in the mirror to see which poses look best.

Get New Real Estate Headshots Every Couple of Years

A lot can change in a few years.

You might want to consider getting new headshots every two to three years as you age, your hair changes, or your style changes. Your headshot should accurately represent who you are and what you look like today.

Getting New Real Estate Headshots

Have you ever seen someone’s headshot that looked like it was probably taken in the 90s?

I’ve seen PLENTY of them.

And for a professional with a dated headshot, my first thought is they probably have a lot of experience and knowledge in their field. But some people might think differently.

They might assume that the person is behind the times, not keeping up with trends in business, and maybe even a little out of touch. If you want to project that you’re modern, current, and relevant in the real estate industry, make sure your headshot is too.

Invest in Yourself

When it comes to your real estate agent headshots, please don’t skimp on quality.

Invest in a professional photographer who has experience with shooting professional business headshots or real estate agent headshots if there’s a specific photographer like that in your area. If you think anything will do and decide to go to a photographer or corporate mall studio because they’re cheap, it’ll show.

And, there’s a photographer for any and every style and industry out there.

The same way you would research other realtors with the style you’re going for, you should do the same with the photographers you look up. Take a look at their social media profiles and portfolios to see if their style and skill are what you’re looking for.

The worst thing you could do is hire a photographer who shoots nature photography and expect them to take professional headshots.

I also highly urge you to get a variety of images if you can.

After all, this is an investment in yourself and your image. Plus, it’s so much easier (and less expensive) to get a variety of looks all at once rather than going back for more headshots every time you need one.

This will result in much better pictures you’ll be proud to use for years to come.

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll be sure to have amazing real estate agent headshots that’ll help you get hired and succeed in your real estate career.

If you’d like to shoot with us here at Red October Firm and you’re in the Hartford, CT area, contact us today to book your session!

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