What to Wear to Your Family Photography Session

When it comes to family photography sessions, what you wear is almost as important as the photographer you choose. 

After all, you want to look your best in the photos that will last a lifetime! 

Today we will discuss what to wear to a family photography session and give tips on coordinating outfits. 

We’ll also discuss some things to avoid, so your photos turn out perfectly.

So… let’s get right into it!

Try Wearing Matching Outfits

One of the most important things to consider when planning your family session wardrobe is whether or not you want to match. 

If you do, make sure all of your outfits are in the same color palette and that everyone’s clothing matches each other. 

What To Wear To Your Family Photography Session

This will help create a cohesive look in your photos.

One thing to remember is to wear one color on top and a different color on the bottom.

Everyone wearing one solid color looks a bit too overwhelming to the eye when looking at pictures.

An excellent example of matching outfits would be white tops and blue jeans.

Everyone’s top doesn’t have to be t-shirts. But, they are white and paired with jeans, which pulls everything together. 

If you don’t want to match, that’s perfectly fine too.

Just make sure that everyone’s clothing is complimentary to each other. 

Color-Coordinate Your Family Photography Session

Another way to create a cohesive look in your family photos is by color-coordinating your outfits. 

This means everyone’s clothing is made of different colors, but they seemingly go together well. 

For example, you could wear shades of blue or green paired with the pants of your choice.

Consider The Season You’re In

You’ll also want to consider the season when planning your family session wardrobe. 

If it’s summertime, light and airy fabrics are a good choice. 

For colder weather sessions, heavier fabrics such as wool or cashmere keep you warm.

Also, keep seasonal color palettes in mind:

  • Spring has yellow, pink, green, and blue.
  • Summer sessions are colorful and vibrant, like yellow, green, and blue 
  • In Autumn, you’ll see lots of reds, yellows, oranges, and brown 
  • Winter is green, red, white, and plaid patterns
Family Photography Session

Those are just a few basic colors but feel free to experiment and try something new.

Avoid Busy Patterns

Busy patterns are one thing to avoid when choosing outfits for your family session.

These can be distracting in photos and make it difficult to see everyone’s faces.

Stick with solid colors or simple patterns instead.

If you absolutely love plaid or flannel and want to incorporate it into everyone’s clothing, think of it as an accent pattern. For example, the pattern could be in a scarf. 

Or you could have the boys wear a long-sleeved flannel shirt and girls wear a plaid skirt.

It would help a lot to look at visual inspiration on Pinterest too. 

There are plenty of boards made for family outfits.


Don’t forget about accessories! 

A hat, scarf, or necklace can add a pop of personality to everyone’s outfit.

What to Avoid During Your Family Photography Session

While there are many things to consider when putting together your family photo wardrobe, there are also a few things to avoid. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Avoid busy patterns and too many bright colors. They can be distracting in photos.
  2. Don’t wear all black or all white. Again, these colors can be too stark and bold.
  3. Steer clear of logos or text on clothing. They can be distracting and take away from the focus of the photo.

Think About The Style You’re Going For

When picking outfits for your family photography session, it’s important to think about the style you’re trying to achieve. 

Are you going for a formal or more casual look? 

Do you want everyone to be matchy-matchy, or do you want to mix and match colors and patterns?

Once you decide on a style, choosing outfits that complement each other will be easier.

Find Inspiration On Pinterest

If you’re having trouble deciding what to wear for your family photography session, don’t worry! 

There is plenty of inspiration out there.

Pinterest is a great place to start. 

Just type in “family photo outfits“, and you’ll get tons of ideas. 

You can also check out fashion websites or magazines for more ideas.

I recommend this to all of my clients before their session because it helps me, and they get an idea of what they like and don’t like.

And sometimes, they don’t know what they like until they see it!

You Can Never Go Wrong With Backup Outfits

If you decide at the last minute you want to switch things up; it’s always a good idea to have backup outfits. 

This way, you can be sure that you’ll look your best in your family photos.

Or, if you can’t decide on a specific piece of clothing, snap a pic and send it to the photographer.

You can also bring it to the session to see what the photographer thinks looks best. 

Trust their creative eye!

Some Final Thoughts

While it’s important to put thought into what you wear for your family photography session, don’t stress too much about it. 

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and like yourself in your photos. 

So have fun with it and choose outfits that represent your family’s personality!

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