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Earnings Disclaimer

It’s important to note that using the same techniques, ideas, strategies, products, or services featured on may not lead to identical results for you, your business, or your web properties. The information and examples provided in our articles, videos, courses, and other resources are for illustration purposes only. They might not apply to your unique situation and should not be seen as promises or guarantees of earnings. The content on isn’t a “get rich quick” method by any means. Everything takes work. Your earning potential depends on various factors, including your abilities and the current state of web marketing when you apply these techniques and ideas. The outcomes you achieve by using these techniques and ideas are related to your skills, financial resources, marketing knowledge, and the time you invest in your own success. As a result, we cannot guarantee you a specific level of earnings or any outcome.

Clients Responsibilities

  • Client-Supplied Material Does Not Infringe: If the Client provides Red October Firm with material to incorporate into the work Red October Firm is producing, the Client promises that this material does not infringe on someone else’s intellectual property rights. Red October Firm will not be held liable if the Client’ supplied material infringes on someone else’s intellectual property rights.
  • Client Availability and Review: The client agrees to be reasonably available to Red October Firm for any questions regarding the Services and to review the Services in a timely manner.
  • Client’s Timeliness and Delay and Re-Consultation Fee: Red October Firm’s ability to provide Services depends on the Client’s ability to provide all materials, answer all questions, and give comments and comments approvals or revisions in a timely manner.
  • Access to Accounts: The client will provide access and login information to Red October Firm for all accounts and/or third-party software for Red October Firm to complete the Services. If Client does not provide access and login information for Red October Firm to complete the Services, Red October Firm shall not be held responsible for any Services that are unable to be completed, and as such, Client shall still be responsible for all payments due to Red October Firm under this Agreement.
  • Expenses: The client shall reimburse Red October Firm for all costs incurred to complete the Services, including but not limited to font licensing, hosting and website fees, and shipping costs. Red October Firm will invoice the Client for such expenses and provide all receipts for any expenses incurred.
  • Proofreading: The client is responsible for all content accuracy and proofreading.
  • Email Services: The client is responsible for all email connections to/from a website and their own email servers. Red October Firm does not provide email support and will not be liable for email service in-availability, lost emails, transfers, or any other service related to email.

Browser Testing

Red October Firm shall ensure that user experiences of a website shall be appropriate to the capabilities of a browser or device. Client understands and agrees that Red October Firm cannot guarantee that websites will look the same in all browsers or on devices with different screens nor can Red October Firm guarantee that the website will function with all browsers across the market or with browsers and versions developed in the future.

No Guarantee

Red October Firm does not promise or guarantee, verbally or in writing, any results, future earnings, business profits, marketing performances, audience growth, or results of any kind by using the Services. By using the Services Client accepts, agrees, and understands that Client is fully responsible for its progress and results. Red October Firm does not guarantee the Client will get any results using any of the ideas, tools, strategies, or recommendations, and nothing in the Services is a promise, warranty, or guarantee of such results.

No Warranties

The use of the Services is at the Client’s sole risk. The Services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Red October Firm makes no representations or warranties about the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness, security, lack of errors, or accuracy of the Services. RED OCTOBER FIRM EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. THE COMPANY MAKES NO WARRANTY THAT (1) THE SERVICES WILL MEET THE CLIENT’S REQUIREMENTS OR EXPECTATIONS AND (2) THE SERVICES WILL BE TIMELY AND ERROR-FREE. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by Client from Red October Firm through the Services shall create a warranty not expressly stated in this Agreement. Some jurisdictions do not allow the disclaimer of implied warranties and/or limitations of liability, so a portion of the foregoing may not apply to the Client. In such a case, any such disclaimer or limitation of liability is limited to the minimum extent permissible under applicable law.


Red October Firm agrees that the Services, and the services of any employees or independent contractors hired by Red October Firm, are rendered hereunder as a “work-made-for-hire” specially ordered by the Company pursuant to Sections 101 and 201 of the Copyright Act of 1976 and all similar laws of the jurisdiction, with Client being deemed the sole author and owner of the results and proceeds of the Services (the “Work Product”) pursuant to this Agreement (including, without limitation, any materials or work product delivered hereunder).

Work Product Use

Notwithstanding the above clause, Red October Firm shall be permitted to use the Work Product for marketing purposes after such Work Product has been made public by the Client. Nothing contained herein shall limit Red October Firm’s rights.

Work Product Does Not Infringe

Red October Firm promises that its Work Product does not and will not infringe on someone else’s intellectual property rights. Client understands that Red October Firm has a specific style and aesthetic of work that it produces for its clients and that style may be similar to the Work Product, and such similarity is not an infringement on someone else’s intellectual property rights nor Client’s Work Product in the future.


Red October Firm shall have the right to claim designing and development credit for Client’s website by including “Website Design by Red October Firm” in small font on the footer of Client’s website, which will not be obstructive to Client’s material. If Client wishes to remove the development and design credit, Client shall pay Red October Firm a fee of Five Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($5,500).

Confidential Information

For purposes of this Agreement, “Confidential Information” means and will include: (i) any information, materials, or knowledge regarding the Company and its business, including but not limited to client information, financials, any login or password information that is disclosed to Red October Firm or to which Red October Firm has access to in connection with performing the Services; and (ii)  the existence and terms and conditions of this Agreement. Confidential Information will not include, however, any information that is or becomes part of the public domain through no fault of Red October Firm or that Client regularly gives to third parties without restrictions on use or disclosure. Red October Firm agrees to hold all Confidential Information in strict confidence, not to use it in any way, commercially or otherwise, except in performing the Services, and not to disclose it to others.

Use of Client’s Name and Comments

Red October Firm shall have the right to use Client’s name, feedback, emails, testimonials, comments, service marks, or trade names for its own advertising, promotion, marketing, or publicity in any medium of public communication, including, but not limited to, print and electronic media, without the prior written consent of Client.


The parties shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the other party, from and against, all third party, claims, actions, causes of actions, judgments, liabilities, obligations, and expenses, and other amounts actually incurred, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the breach of any provision of this Agreement. This indemnification obligation shall survive the expiration of the Term.

Limitation of Liability

Client agrees to absolve Red October Firm of any and all liability or loss that Client or any person or entity associated with Client may suffer or incur as a result of the use of the Services. Client agrees that Red October Firm shall not be liable for any type of damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental, equitable, or consequential loss or damages for use of the Services. Red October Firm’s liability to Client or any third parties under any circumstance is limited to the amount Client has paid Red October Firm under this Agreement.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute arising out of this Agreement that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the parties agree to engage in mediation. If the matter cannot be resolved through mediation and legal action ensues, the successful party will be entitled to its legal fees, including, but not limited to, its attorneys’ fees.


Neither party may assign or transfer any of their rights or delegate any of their obligations under this Agreement, in whole or part, without the other party’s express prior written consent. Any attempted assignment, transfer, or delegation without such consent will be void.

Governing Law

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut, excluding that body of law pertaining to conflict of laws.

Forward-Looking Statements

Materials in this blog may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events. You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as “anticipate,” “estimate,” “expect”, “project”, “intend”, “plan”, “believe”, and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential earnings or financial performance. Any and all forward-looking statements here or on any of our promotional materials are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Any such statements are considered accurate at the time they were written but may no longer be at the current time or in the future, and disdains any duty to update said statements. All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy, or any other implied or explicit purpose. This website is © copyrighted by the Red October Firm, LLC.  No part of this may be copied or changed in any format, sold, or used in any way, online or offline, other than what is outlined within this page, under any circumstances without express permission from Red October Firm, LLC.


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